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Globe Valve

Model :
GB-1-F-F-A1 (150#), GB-1-F-F-A2 (300#), GB-1-F-F-A3 (600#)
Size :
40-400 mm
Material :
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel& Alloy Steel
Ratings :
150,300 & 600 Class
Ends :
Flanged& Butt weld on request
Options :
Stellite Trim, Jacketing, Soft Seating
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Features Standards
Outside Screw & Yoke type, bolted bonnet having rising stem Construction
Design : ASME B16.34/ API 600/ BS 1873
Unidirectional, ideally suited for control application to closing down service.
Pressure Test : API 598 / BS EN ISO 12266-1
Valve suitable for horizontal installation.
Face to Face : ASME B 16.10
Back Seat arrangement to provide isolation of Stuffing Box for On-Line service.
  Ends Dimension :
1) Flanged as per : ASME B16.5
2) Butt weld as per ASME B16.25 (On request)
Certification : DIN 50 049 3.1.B
Quality Systems / Certifications : ISO 9001 : 2008
  • These Valves are having metal seating and are widely used in process industries for high pressure and  temperatures.
  • Suitable for the all the process industries including oil & gas, refineries, petrochemicals, fertilizers, power plants and   common utilities.