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Forged Steel Gate, Globe & Lift Check Valve

1. Gate Valves Model :
Regular Bore
GT-1-R-P-A4 (Threaded Ends to BSP II)
GT-1-R-N-A4 (Threaded Ends to NPT)
GT-1-R-W-A4 (Socket Weld)
Full Bore
GT-1-F-P-A4 (Threaded Ends to BSP II)
GT-1-F-N-A4 (Threaded Ends to NPT)
GT-1-F-W-A4 (Socket Weld)
2. Globe Valves Model :
Regular Bore
GB-1-R-P-A4 (Threaded Ends to BSP II)
GB-1-R-N-A4 (Threaded Ends to NPT)
GB-1-R-W-A4 (Socket Weld)
Full Bore
GB-1-F-P-A4 (Threaded Ends to BSP II)
GB-1-F-N-A4 (Threaded Ends to NPT)
GB-1-F-W-A4 (Socket Weld)
3. Check Valves Model :
Regular Bore
CH-1-R-P-A4 (Threaded Ends to BSP II)
CH-1-R-N-A4 (Threaded Ends to NPT)
CH-1-R-W-A4 (Socket Weld)
Full Bore
CH-1-F-P-A4 (Threaded Ends to BSP II)
CH-1-F-N-A4 (Threaded Ends to NPT)
CH-1-F-W-A4 (Socket Weld)
Size :
8-50 mm
Bore :
Regular & Full
Material :
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Ratings :
800& 1500 Class
Ends :

Threaded to BSP II/ NPT, Socket Weld ,
Weld on Flanged ends

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These Valves are having metal seating and are widely used in process industries for high pressure and temperatures.
Gate Valves :
Gate Valves are bi-directional valves ideally suited for on-off duties. They are available with wedge gates. These valves have a very low resistance to flow.
Globe Valves :
Globe Valves are closing-down valves in which the closure member is moved squarely on and off the seat. In this way the opening of the port is directly proportional to the travel of the disc. This proportional relationship is ideally suited for duties requiring regulation of flow rate. To have a further precision in regulation the disc element can be available in the parabolic types. Furthermore the short travel of the disc between the open and closed position makes these valves ideally suited for on-off duties when they must be opened and closed frequently. Globe valves are unidirectional valves and are installed so that fluid pressure is under the disc.
Lift type Check Valves :
Lift type Check Valves are uni-directional valves which automatically open with forward flow and close against reverse flow. Piston or Lift check valves are normally supplied with the addition of a spring which allows both the vertical and horizontal installation.
  • Oil, Gas, Steam, Vacuum, Air, Vent etc. services.
  • Design : API 602/ BS 5352
  • Pressure Test : 598 / BS EN ISO 12266-1
  • Face to Face : Manufacturers Std.
  • Ends Dimension. : 1) Threaded as per ASME B1.20.1
                                       2) Socket weld meets ANSI B 16.11
                                       3) Butt weld as per ASME B16.25
                                       4) Flanged as per : ASME B16.5
  • Certification : DIN 50 049 3.1.B
  • Quality Systems / Certifications : ISO 9001:2008